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Last Modified: 2004-08-03


The XML bibliography project aims to create an a consistent way to mark up bibliographic entries in TEI. It will provide XSLT stylesheets to turn TEI so marked up into bibliographic entries. Any XML author who makes references to other other works in TEI should find this project useful.

Entering bibliographic data should be a one-step process, in which you enter the data once and then let computers worry about formatting it. TEI provides the perfect model for this one-step process.

Unfortunately, there exist so many different ways to enter the same bibliographic data in TEI, that each author must develop his own stylesheet. I can write a very thorough XSLT stylesheet to convert my entries to PDF according to the MLA format. But if you have chosen to use <name type="given"> rather than <foreName>, my stylesheet won’t work.

The first step of this project is to find a consensus amongst TEI authors regarading all different types of bibliographic data. The next step involves writing the actual stylesheets.

Your Input Needed!

This project is in its planning stages. We need as much feedback and help as possible! Please post messages to the mailing list. The more feedback we get, especially from a diverse group including scholars, librarians, and XML experts, the more successful our project will be.

To join the mailing list, go to http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/xml-biblio-discuss.

Just follow the instructions.

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I have created an example XML document that includes a good sampling of bibliographic entries in TEI. You can view this document in one of two ways:

View the annotated version of the page (recommended). Click here

View the raw XML document. Click here. Make sure you view this page as source. In an HTML browser the document will appear as one meaningless line.


This page discusses problematic markup in detail and provides concrete suggestions for current problems. issues

Experimental Page

This XML file uses the new design to encode entries. latest

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